Poll: Bristol Republicans Seek Input on Memorial Boulevard School

Memorial Boulevard School

Bristol Republicans want to know what the public thinks about the future of Memorial Boulevard School. Bristol Republican Town Committee Chairman Jeffrey Caggiano said “The Boulevard is a hot topic right now, and actually is nonpartisan.”

Caggiano prepared a poll to see what the community felt about Memorial Boulevard School.

“I am interested in the results” said Caggiano.

Caggiano said he is hoping to see this on Bristol Talks, Open Government Pages and Bristol Roundup.

Caggiano got his wish when David Haberfeld local real estate investor posted the poll on Bristol Talks, a closed Bristol Facebook page.

“Bristol is facing some large choices to make regarding City Hall and memorial boulevard school. These are being actively debated right now and I encourage people to get educated and speak up at city meetings if you have a strong position on the topic. We can move city hall to the boulevard school and restore the theatre. Estimated cost $40M. We can renovate the existing city hall for a est. cost of $20M and the theatre is a separate issue. We can renovate the existing city hall for an est. cost of $20M and renovate the theater only for an est. $12M What would you support?” said Haberfeld.

The results from the poll showed the majority felt renovating city hall, restoring and opening the theatre was the best choice.

Second was moving City Hall to the former school.

The least felt none of the above about taxes.

Mayoral candidate Ellen Zoppo-Sassu chimed in on the conversation and posted “ This topic has been tossed around with no real leadership or action since the Schoenhardt report was done in 2008. The school closed in 2012. The MBS Task Force put forth a proposal to re-use the school and renovate the theater in 2015. It has sat since then, because the City Hall issues came to light. All of the documents ever compiled on this property are located at and can be read in full – what is really needed is for a decision to be made that makes sense for the buildings, downtown, taxpayers and long-term potential of this historic theater that could be a catalyst for economic activity downtown.”

Joshua Medeiros Vice President of The Memorial Boulevard Cultural Center also chimed in saying “While I appreciate a good Facebook poll; what this project really needs is for the city to vet the proposals, show some leadership and take a stance. Be transparent and provide the public with information hearings and materials on selected proposal. Then put the proposal up for referendum so the public can make an informed decision.”

In response to Medeiros, Caggiano posted “It is a complicated issue and there are many options. I do think these are the high-level potential decisions. Glad to see discussion on it, but I think I agree with Joshua Medeiros. We need to make sure we have very detailed options that are put to referendum. Binding or not, this would allow us to take a highly emotional issue and look at it more rationally.”

After a few back and forth commenting, Haberfeld who posted the poll responded to Caggiano writing “I think the way I worded it is lopsiding the results. I think I may revise and repost. The way I currently have it, it’s a landslide for moving city hall and doing the theatre but I agree with Ellen, I may have worded this poorly for a poll.”

So what say you? Take the Bristol GOP poll.

Quick Note: As always, Bristol Roundup blocks cookies and IP address in polls for repeated entries. The questions are also randomized in regards to placement. 


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