Your Thoughts: Another Empty Store in Bristol

Walmart Neighborhood Market in Bristol. Photo (c) Mike Uchalid

Bristol is faced with another empty store – the closing of the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Oakland St.

This store was very convenient and the prices were reasonable. For those residents that live on a budget; Price Chopper and Stop & Shop tend to be pricey.

So next in line for shopping is Shop Rite and Aldi’s.

Does anyone know who owns the space on Oakland St?

Are there any future plans for occupancy?

I hope that this space doesn’t end up like the open space across from City Hall that has been vacant for a long time.

Bristol basically has no decent merchants to bring in revenue to keep our taxes from going up every year.

Southington just added Chips, Home Goods and Michael’s.

What’s wrong with Bristol? Something to think about.

Deb Varnum


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2 Comments on Your Thoughts: Another Empty Store in Bristol

  1. Nancy Delliber // 06/12/2017 at 9:27 AM //

    I am very disappointed that this store closed! I hope that Price Chopper steps up and improves to make up for the void.


  2. Anonymous // 06/12/2017 at 9:21 PM //

    Bristol is going down hill. Aetna has been talking about moving, we lost many big factory jobs, had a big state employee layoff, taxes keep going up, and many small businesses ( and even some big) can’t keep doors open. Rent is going up in low income areas, more people need assistance to pay for living expenses. Unemployment rate is still high, and people who have the money and means to get out of CT are moving to less expensive states. They are spending millions to try and make Bristol look pretty in crappy areas like westend and down town where as soon as they finish making everything look nice, the spray cans come out and graffiti is painted across the town. Not to mention the town doesn’t even bother with upkeep so the bricks and new sidewalks have grass growing between the cracks. How about instead of forcing people out with an expensive cost of living and blowing money on useless upgrades that get destroyed anyway, you invest some of that money into helping small business grow to create more jobs, you give incentives to business to higher more employees. Then maybe our commercial locations won’t look so hopeless and filled with empty store fronts.



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