Cockayne Thanks Zoppo For Supporting Citywide Energy Initiatives

Ellen Zoppo-Sassu

Quick Note: The word “starting” in the headline was previously used in error and should have been “supporting”. We apologize for the mistake.

Bristol Mayor Ken Cockayne issues a statement saying “Thank you to Candidate Zoppo for supporting the many energy initiatives the City has undertaken or are currently in progress.”

Some examples of the initiatives are:

Street light LED Conversion: Project currently underway converting the City’s 5,535 street lights to LED. The project cost is $1,713,236; upon completion, the City will get a rebate of $532,667 and our projected annual energy savings of $220,979 per year. This project should pay back in 5.34 years.

LED Lighting Retro-Fit Upgrades/Building Management System Upgrades: Entering an agreement with Efficient Lighting Consultants (ELC) for City Hall, Police-Court Complex, Main and Manross Libraries to complete LED upgrade projects which will upgrade existing fluorescent lighting fixtures to LED. Also replacing building management monitoring system for these facilities to more accurately maintain HVAC settings and reduce energy usage during off hours.

City Hall Electrical Sub-metering: Installed electrical sub-meters on all floors of City Hall to monitor electrical usage and identify high consumption areas. Also installed 60 “smart” power strips, electrical outlets and light switches with programmable settings to eliminate energy waste.

EPA Portfolio Manager Baseline: City and Board of Education staff worked with Eversource to benchmark energy usage for all City Building which allows us to program future energy conservation measures and projects that provide timely paybacks.

NOTE: As of March 2017, City has reduced its 2014 energy consumption by 10%! We have pledged with Clean Energy Communities (Energize CT initiative) to reduce our consumption 20% by 2018.

Boiler Replacements: Replaced old boilers with two modern gas-fired boilers with 95% efficiency at both Manross Library and Fire House #2. The City will receive combined rebates of almost $10,000 from Eversource as part of their Gas Heating Equipment Rebate Program.

HVAC Replacements: Replacement of HVAC units both in the Police Dispatch Center in the Police Department and the Information Systems Server Room at City Hall with units with higher efficiency. Installed energy efficient HVAC system in administrative areas at City Yard.

Roof Replacements: Replace roof systems at Fire Headquarters and Fire House #3 using higher-rated insulation systems to reduce heat loss and natural gas usage. Insulation installed in Youth Services Building attic to minimize heat loss and reduce oil usage.

The Energy Task Force recommend and Council approved an agreement for the Solarize Connecticut Campaign last summer to provide residents with qualified contractors to install solar panels on their property.

Last fall, the City was selected by CT-DOT for a road safety audit aimed at improving pedestrian and bicycle traffic connectivity between Rockwell Park and Memorial Boulevard.

The City has now applied for a Community Connectivity Grant Program for $300,000 to improve transportation conditions for pedestrians/bicyclists along that corridor.



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