Fly The Red White & Blue in Bristol on Veterans Day

Little Leauge Center

On November 11, we will be celebrating Veterans Day. Originally the day proclaimed to celebrate the end of WWI, and to honor those who served in that war, it is now the day, and rightfully so named as Veterans Day, to remember and honor ALL our veterans. To honor and remember all who have served in our Armed Forces, a day to honor and thank all who have served in the military, in wartime, and in peacetime.

While we can and should say “thank you” to a veteran, we should also display our American Flag, which represents our country that they fought for, in their honor While we may have different opinions regarding our military effort worldwide, we must not forget these service men and women that are fighting for, and dying for us, each and every day.

Second, fly our American Flag somewhere on your property. From your house, your porch, flagpole, and any proper place where it might be seen. Fly it properly, but do fly it. Please show proper respect for our flag, wherever it is displayed, and Please show proper respect whenever our National Anthem is played at various functions. There is a proper way to show respect, and it would be nice not only to explain this to the younger people but also to show how to by example.

Lastly, ask your friends to do the same. Talk to them, Email them, and ask them to do the same. Your effort will make you feel good, and it won’t cost you anything.

As an aside, Congress has a week in November as “National Veterans Awareness Week”. This resolution calls for educational efforts for our school children concerning the contributions and sacrifices of our veterans. Our young people must be kept aware of the sacrifices that so many have made, and are still making for us.

To quote Winston Churchill”, we must never forget, we must never forget!”

Former Bristol Mayor, William T. Stortz


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