Bristol in the digital age

Welcoming sign at ESPN’s campus in Bristol

Bristol, a city officially incorporated in 1785 with its beautiful historic homes and districts, has like many other cities and towns adapted to the changing times.

Go to YouTube and you will see thousands of videos posted this month alone about Bristol.

Federal Hill Green Bristol Connecticut

Go to Facebook and see hundreds of businesses, thousands of personal pages, and many local organizations like The West End Association promoting their support and help for the West End.

Local websites like know how to successfully engage their audience. They’ve been taking pictures at events around town since they organized in 1999.

Also, in this digital age, more and more people are getting their local news online now.

Putting something online is no longer a downgrade but rather a plus from local print.

In this modern era, people can get updated news instantly. Businesses, municipalities, and state officials, or just about anyone can get the word out to their audiences immediately.

People now go about their day attached to their smartphones — which is another discussion in and of itself.

They thrive for more information.

Go to Twitter and search Bristol.

Do a Google search of Bristol.

Bristol City Hall

You will find thousands of people sharing information, suggesting ideas, and offering opinions.

There is a dark side to social media though. Some thrive on anonymity when posting comments. They try to ruin the reputations of others by offering false or “fake” facts. This has been a long-standing issue since the internet blew up in popularity.

Many online media outlets and Facebook groups and pages have adapted to this threat. Many require you to log in with your name to post a comment. Comments are often monitored. If a comment is deemed rude, offensive, or just plain silly, it will not get posted or will be deleted.

Be aware of what you post and be careful of what you read.

Most of us do not appreciate the negative comments and we move on. Others love to read such comments – as outlandish as they are – even as the writer’s original intent is lost in the storm of words.

All in all, people have adapted.

Just think what the next ten years have in store.


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