Bristol Barber Gives Domestic Abuse Survivor Bold New Look

Images: Barber Andy Mendoza shared photos of Chelsea Damboise, 21, after she visited her shop in Bristol, Connecticut and said her boyfriend had violently attacked her

Chelsea Damboise

Daily Mail is reporting a “Bristol barber — on Rt. 6 — has shared powerful photos of a woman who came to his shop looking for a fresh start, after she said she survived horrific domestic abuse at the hands of her violent partner.

Change: Damboise told authorities her boyfriend had cut off some of her purple hair during the attack; Mendoza said she walked into his shop determined to shave it all off (pictured)

Chelsea Damboise

Barber Andy Mendoza took to Instagram last week to share photos of Chelsea Damboise, 21, after she visited her shop in Bristol — Connecticut.

Damboise came in with a large part of her long, purple hair shaved off, bruises on her face, and a bloodshot eye with a red ring around its iris.”

Case: Michael Truskauskas (pictured in a mugshot) is accused of second-degree assault among other charges

Michael Truskauskas

She went on to say that her boyfriend had punched her in the face, tried to break her fingers and wrist, shoved paper towels as well as his own fingers down her throat, and at one point choked her so hard she thought she would become unconscious, the Republican-American also reported.

Beginning: In the end, Damboise smiled when she looked up and saw herself with her new haircut, Mendoza said

Chelsea Damboise 

The boyfriend, Michael Truskauskas was charged with second-degree assault, disorderly conduct, second-degree threatening, second-degree strangulation, violation of a protective order, possession of less that four ounces of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and first-degree kidnapping, the newspaper wrote.

The barber, who said his mother is also a survivor of domestic abuse, wrote that Damboise had given him permission to share her photos and wanted everyone to know she is ‘happy to be alive’.

‘I told her I didn’t want to do something “dramatic on top of traumatic” but she didn’t want anything to do with wigs,’ Mendoza told Metro. ‘She said she wanted a new start and wanted to embrace the length of her hair — that was remaining.’

‘The actual cutting of her hair was very tense for everyone,’ Mendoza told Metro.’The few barbers that remained were watching in silence, you could hear a pin drop.’

Mendoza urged other people to look out for victims of domestic abuse.


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