WATCH: Bristol Woman Goes on Tirade, Videos Go Viral

WARNING: These videos contain graphic language and might be disturbing to some viewers especially minors.

On August 8, 2018, Gaelen Reynolds of Bristol took multiple videos on his phone showing Sarah Heath of Bristol on a tirade.

According to Reynolds, Heath became aggressive over a parking space.

Reynolds posted the videos publicly on Facebook.

Since then, the first video received over 87,000 views in one day.  The views do not include shares in groups, public pages, and personal pages.

Two videos show Heath throwing a glass object at Reynolds’ truck and a brief altercation.

“I’ve just got too much to lose to lower myself to ignorance like this and wind up in jail. I stood my ground and let her charge like a bull.” said Reynolds.

As a result of the incident, Heath was charged with Breach of Peace 2, Criminal Mischief 2 and interfering with a Police Officer.

She was taken into custody with a spit mask.

This is not the first time a Facebook video depicting an individual(s) with bad behavior in Bristol went viral.

Last year a large fight broke out at Rockwell Park that quickly went viral on social media.

The story went so viral that The New York Times picked-up the Bristol brawl and used it as its featured image in a story about What the Kitty Genovese Killing Can Teach Today’s Digital Bystanders.


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1 Comment on WATCH: Bristol Woman Goes on Tirade, Videos Go Viral

  1. Sarah Heath // 10/06/2018 at 6:03 PM //

    Take my fucking name off your website and article down otherwise you’re looking at slander charges



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