Bristol Police: Unlocked Vehicle Thefts Continue to Rise — Does Your Insurance Cover it?

Bristol Police Complex

Bristol Police is appealing to local residents to lock their cars when they leave them unattended.

“The Bristol Police Department would like to remind residents to secure their vehicles following several recent thefts of items from the inside of parked vehicles, all of which have occurred during the overnight/early morning hours. The thefts have occurred throughout all parts of the city and the majority involved vehicles parked in private driveways.”

Is there ever a good reason to leave your car unlocked? Probably not.

But most drivers have done it, even though their vehicle is a prime target for thieves.

When items get stolen, who should be held responsible?

As a general rule, auto insurance policies do not cover property stolen from a car regardless of whether the car was locked or unlocked.

However, some insurance companies do offer policies that offer car theft insurance. These policies cover stolen vehicles as well as theft of possessions in the car.

Homeowners insurance might also cover your personal property if it is damaged or lost due to theft.

This coverage is not necessarily limited to items in your home. If things are stolen from your car, your homeowners insurance or renters insurance may cover it.

Depending on the stolen items and your deductible, it may or may not be worth filing the claim. Make sure the amount claimed is higher than your deductible.

A call to your insurance company is highly recommended.

In addition, Bristol Police is offering advice to residents:

▪ Lock your vehicle, homes, and garages at all times.
▪ Do not leave valuables in your vehicles. If you must, move them out of plain
view or secure them in the trunk.
▪ Do not leave spare vehicle keys/fob or garage door openers in your vehicle.
▪ Enable any security features your vehicle may have i.e. security systems, vehicle
▪ Always park in a well-lit area.
▪ Immediately report any suspicious activity, persons, or vehicles to the BPD.

“The BPD would also like to remind residents and business owners that have external surveillance cameras, to register their cameras with the BPD’s Community Watch Team (CWT) program. Video surveillance is a valuable tool in the detection, identification, apprehension and conviction of criminal who plague Bristol with Crime.

For more information about the CWT can be found here.


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