Candidate Q&A: Kevin Fuller for State Representative in the 77th District

Kevin Fuller | Submitted Photo

“The Roundup has once again sent questionnaires to every candidate running for public office in Bristol, Burlington, Plymouth, Terryville, and Harwinton for this year’s election. In an effort to properly inform voters, their answers are unedited. The goal is to give the candidates the opportunity to offer their thoughts on issues directly to their constitutes. In return, it gives voters the opportunity to formulate their own decisions on what their candidates’ have to say.”

Next up is Democrat Kevin Fuller, State Representative candidate for the 77th District.

Fuller is challenging Republican Cara Christine Pavalock.

What are your most pressing issues?

Finding ways to increase revenue while controlling spending is going to be at the top of all legislator’s agenda’s in the 2019 session. It’s paramount. At the same time, we cannot afford to lose focus and forget about the day to day issues of Connecticut residents. An issue close to my heart is work force training.

Having worked in the education system for 25 years, I’ve seen so many students unsure of their life path simply because they didn’t see college as an option and didn’t know where to turn. Combine that with the fact that a state school like CCSU is predicting that this year’s class of freshman will pay $102,000 dollars for a four year degree, and the reality becomes that college isn’t the logical next step that it used to be.

We need an earlier approach to let our youth know that career’s in HVAC, electric, auto mechanics, and manufacturing are viable.

How do your thoughts and ideas differ from your opponents?

I don’t want to assume what my opponent is thinking. I would hope that we can agree that we need to get spending under control and increase revenue. I also think that we can agree that it is in our best interest to stay connected with our local government since a State Representative’s job is to advocate for resources to bring back to the district they represent. At the same time, a look at her voting record shows some real differences between us.

Like most fathers of daughter’s, I want a world in which my three girls have equal opportunity in all that they do. When the House of Representatives voted in bipartisan fashion to approve the pay equity bill that empowered women, Cara voted against it. I would have voted for it.

When the House Democrats and Republicans worked together to pass a bipartisan budget 142-8, my opponent was the only legislator from Bristol to vote “no.” With all of the momentum in our city, a “no” vote would have left project’s like MBS at a standstill. We needed it to pass, and I would have extended both hands across the aisle rather than to cast a vote that would have negative impact on our city.

Additional Comments:

There are revenue streams available and it’s time to put creative thinker’s at the table to bring them to fruition. Sports betting is a prime example. We should have proactively sat with the tribes so that when the Senate turned the rights back to the states, we would be ready to deliver. There is still time. The state of New Jersey took in 40 million dollars in July, while we were still having the discussion. We have to move the needle now.

In closing, I would like to thank all of the residents that I have had the pleasure of talking with and meeting during my time walking the neighborhoods. I appreciate every idea that you have posed to me and if elected I will do my best to work with everyone to see what we can put into place.

Quick Note: All candidate submissions have a deadline of October 12. Publication of a candidate is first come first serve. No political bias or preference will be conducted. If a candidate does not want to participate, that is fine, it will not be commented on. Candidates can reach out to the Roundup via our contact page.


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