Hernandez Was Gay? Let The Drama End, Who Gives a Crap!

Dennis SanSoucie Aaron Hernandez’s secret gay lover from middle school and high school, is speaking out for the first time

Back in 2013, The Daily News made a visit to Bristol trying to get a comment from Terri Hernandez. Terri is the mother of Aaron Hernandez. They reported she was charged with helping run an illegal sports gambling ring in 2001.

Hernandez told them “My brother’s dead and my son’s in jail,’ she told The Daily News as she was leaving her home to go to work. ‘No comment.”

They went on to cite The Bristol Press and the Courant in their lengthy and detailed articles.

What did all this accomplish? Nothing!

Recently the sexual orientation of Aaron Hernandez has become a hot topic.

The South Florida Gay News reported: Aaron Hernandez Acknowledged He Was Gay Days Before Death.

The report states Hernandez acknowledged he was gay just days before he killed himself in his cell, it was reported over the weekend in the Boston Globe.

In a report in today’s Daily Mail, Hernandez “told his lawyer that he blamed the sexual abuse he suffered as a child for ‘making him gay’.”

“As a rising football star in his hometown of Bristol, Connecticut, Hernandez was also said to have found himself in a secret sexual relationship with a teammate.”

Dennis SanSoucie said he and Hernandez had a sexual relationship while both playing for Bristol Central High School’s football team in high school.

‘Me and him were very much into trying to hide what we were doing,’ SanSoucie, who later joined the US Marines, told the Globe. ‘We didn’t want people to know.’

The media can at times go too far. Enough is enough.

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1 Comment on Hernandez Was Gay? Let The Drama End, Who Gives a Crap!

  1. Steve // 10/24/2018 at 1:44 PM //

    I honestly wish people would just let this guy rest in peace. If he did murder someone, or if he was gay,who the hell cares…the guy is dead…leave it alone people. There is a little girl out there who will be grieving for the rest of her life.



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