Discover Burlington: It’s People

Burlington Town Green

The Roundup has put together a special section called ‘Discover Burlington!’. It highlights the history of Burlington and what it has to offer now.

Burlington is situated at the foot of the Berkshires and bordering the Farmington River, Burlington is a scenic hill town, rural in nature, located 20 miles west of Hartford. Incorporated in 1806, Burlington is home to the State of Connecticut Fish Hatchery, the Nepaug Reservoir, and Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area.

 In addition, you can hike some of the town’s 30 miles of the Blue Trail, ride a mountain bike trail or fish, kayak or canoe on the Farmington River.

Relax afterward with coffee and a scone at Renaissance Farms, ice cream at the Frozen Gnome, or a bite to eat at once of the local restaurants. Pick up a beautiful plant at Larson’s Greenhouse or fresh vegetables at a nearby farm stand.

Enjoy the town green, surrounded by the Elton Tavern and other 19th century buildings. On one-room schoolhouse is just a few steps away.

Almost half of the land in the town is owned by three public water supply companies and the State of Connecticut.

The Town was named to honor England’s 3rd Earl of Burlington. Notable citizens (past and present): Silas Brooks, early American hot air balloonist.

Katherine Gaylord, early American heroine. Colonel Ralph L. Gezelman, organized supply shipments for the D-Day invasion during World War II. Leonidas Lent Hamline, Methodist Bishop for whom Hamline University is named. Heman Humphrey, Amherst College president.

Richard F. Jones noted builder of Hartford’s Bushnell Memorial. John G. Martin, former President and CEO of Heublein and owner of Johnnycake Ranch. Samuel Monce, inventor of the glass cutter.

The top five attractions include Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area, Farmington River Trail, Burlington State Fish Hatchery, Lamothe’s Sugar House, and so much moreHogan’s Cider Mill.

Annual visitor’s events include the Memorial Day Parade and Tavern Day, second Sunday in September.

This week, I asked people from various Facebook groups relating to Burlington what they love about the Town?

So here are the results:

Dave Thompson wrote “The sense of community. We look out for one another.”

Foote Road Pond

Karen Cargill wrote Foote Road Pond. “Best part of town and cheap and I find that people in town do not use it!”

Stacey Richard wrote It is a small town feel with easy access to big town shopping.

Kristina Barth wrote Burlington is peaceful and quiet, no major traffic, starry sky at night, wildlife, yet only 20-30 minutes away from anything you can think of to fulfill material needs (Avon, Simsbury, Farmington, West Hartford).

Tanya Cummings posted Burlington is a great town to raise a family.

Craig Rydingsward focused on Nassahegan. “Some of the best largest authorized mountain bike trail networks in the state.”

Lori Valliere Kutsukos wrote she loved growing up on lake garda…swimming, skating and rowing a boat with my friends! Cutting across the lake on the ice to visit my friend who lived across the lake..fond memories.

Dave Middleton wrote he loved summer days swimming, fishing, sleeping out, baseball, football, basketball all day long, and winter skating ice hockey with the floodlights on the lake so we could see.

My personal favorite, Middleton also wrote about bond fires on Lake Garda with maybe a pint of brandy. Waiting for Walt the good humor ice cream to come around, and the Mr. Softy Ice Cream truck at night

Middleton also noted riding his bikes to Shimelds and Myrtle Mills in Unionville.

The best memories from Middleton seem to be these:

Driving around in our car at 16 listening to Creedence, Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, building tree forts, green lady cemetery, burning all are leaves in the backyard, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts little league.

Kate Nogiec answered the question by mentioning the Summer at the rec center and getting tossed out of Hogan’s ponds, horseback riding the blue trails, motorcycles in the sand pits, picnics in green lady cemetery and ice skating on Lake Garda, a great place to grow up.

Augeri Li seems to sum it up best: Burlington is a small town, with kindness, great schools, and wildlife “I just love it here.

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