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Transit in Connecticut is Great, When It Works


Susan Bigelow with CT News Junkie says, “Back in July, right after the opening of the new Hartford Line, I decided that I was going to do what I’d always wanted to do but never had been able to manage: commute to work using public transit. Over the next five months I re-learned the hard ...READ MORE

A scary time in America


Less than 24 hours after authorities arrested a man accused of terrorizing the nation with mail bombs, another man, shouting anti-Semitic slurs and armed with an AR-15 assault rifle and three handguns, opened fire in a Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday, killing 11 people and injuring six.  The ...READ MORE

Reader Supports Paul Honig


John Piscopo (76th District) has been in office for 30 years as a State Legislator. He campaigns that he will “Fix Connecticut”. 30 years and NOW he is going to fix our state problems? He’s a big part of the problem and not the solution. We desperately need someone with energy, ...READ MORE

End-of-Summer Home Maintenance Tips For Homeowners


Preparing your home for potential mishaps is a surefire way to maintain its safety while saving you money. However, when it comes to guarding your house against what cold weather can bring, it’s all about sprucing up the tight ends to make the cooler seasons a bit more enjoyable. Nothing quite ...READ MORE

Two Bristol Youth Star in TV Talent Show


The Newington Children’s Theatre Company is thrilled to present their first one-act of 2018. Nine year old, Caitlyn Carbone, and twelve year old, Holly Cushing join the cast of The Great American Talent Show, performing March 2 at 7pm and March 3 at 2pm. From renowned playwright Joseph ...READ MORE

Bristol Swings into Spring


For those looking for a Pre-St. Patrick evening out with your spouse, an evening of dancing with a favorite partner, dance classmates or just an entertaining night out with family and friends, the Plainville Wind Ensemble is hosting an evening of great dance music provided by Center Stage Jazz. ...READ MORE

No to drilling off New England’s coast


Earlier this year, President Trump’s Secretary of the Interior announced his intention to open up almost all of the ocean waters in the United States to offshore oil and gas drilling we don’t need. This brazen attempt to sell out our ocean to the fossil fuel industry makes it clear ...READ MORE

Burlington Rep wants to hear from you


The 2018 legislative session begins in February and each state legislator has the opportunity to submit bills to help improve our communities. I want to hear from you. Is there something in your neighborhood that you think could be improved? Everything from education to quality of life issues to ...READ MORE