Bristol Roundup

Burlington Plan’s Massive Town Center Expansion


If Burlington has its way the town center will get a huge upgrade and not need Bristol & Farmington to pick up the slack for residents to shop and get services done. In January of 2012, the Board of Selectman, under First Selectman Ted Shafer, established the Village Plan and Development ...READ MORE

Introducing Real Issues With Doc Warren


Editor’s Note: “Doc Warren” Corson III is a counselor and the clinical & executive director of Community Counseling of Central CT Inc. and Pillwillop Therapeutic Farm. He will contribute on a weekly basis relating to mental health and mental happiness in the greater Bristol area. ...READ MORE

One Dies In Five Car Crash


On Saturday, Bristol Police officers responded to Stevens Street in the area of Cherry Hill Drive for a serious car crash. Five people had been injured in the two-car head-on collision. Later that day, Sophie White, age 83 died at Hartford Hospital as a result of the injuries received in the crash. ...READ MORE

A Tale Of Two Very Different Historical Societies


Based on a recent Council decision. The Hatch Building on Washington St. will not be the new home of the New Britain Historical Society. The Herald reports, “Any prospective developer must demonstrate they can secure financing of $100,000. The minimum purchase price is $40,000.” New Britain ...READ MORE

Wilson Launches Campaign Website


Chris Wilson Democrat Mayoral candidate launched a new campaign website.  On his homepage he proclaims. “I believe in public service, volunteering and helping to build a stronger community.  Whether serving in the United States Army, as a local baseball coach, as a director of the Bristol ...READ MORE

Martin Wants Young Bristol Voters To “Vote”


The youth vote is a political term used to describe 18 to 29-year-olds and their voting habits. Councilperson Henri Martin recently said on Facebook “Most young people in the United States do not vote, especially in local elections. It can be argued that decisions made by city, county, and ...READ MORE

Notice Something Missing?


The very large Stephens Auto Mall sign is gone! Drivers for decades heading up and down Rt 6 were given a light show of car deals and specials. In recent years the sign went dark forever. Now It’s just gone. Also missing is a “single” yellow line in the road. From the Farmington line to the ...READ MORE

Five Seriously Injured in Car Crash


Bristol Police officers responded to Stevens Street in the area of Cherry Hill Drive for a serious car crash on Saturday. Five people had been injured in the two car head on collision. Elvis Caban, age 21 of Bristol was operating a 2004 Cadillac CTS heading west on Stevens Street and he crossed the ...READ MORE

2nd Annual Bikers for the Cure


The charity ride starts at Yankee Harley Davidson, 488 Farmington Avenue, Bristol, CT. Coffee & snacks will be provided during registration. Kick-Stands up at 11:30am for a 90 Minute ride ending at East Granby F.D., 7 Memorial Drive, East Granby, CT. Includes Lunch, Music & Vendors. A ...READ MORE

Malloy Signs New Screening Process For Newborns


Governor Malloy on Friday joined with a group of legislators and public health advocates for the ceremonial signing of legislation  “An Act Concerning Newborn Screening For Adrenoleukodystrophy”  that requires Connecticut health care institutions to screen newborns in their care for ...READ MORE

Bristol Man Threatens Neighbors With Gun


Bristol resident Damase Caron, 56, of 956 Farmington Avenue was arrested on Friday for threatening his neighbors with a gun. Caron allegedly brought a rifle to his neighbors’ house.  He then barricaded himself with his 7-year-old granddaughter and ex-wife in his house. Caron resisted arrest with ...READ MORE

Carousel Museums Game Bird Horse Has Arrived


Thanks to the generosity of Marianne Stevens, carousel author and collector, and many other donations, the Game Bird Horse was delivered to the New England Carousel Museum. The Game Bird Horse will be a very significant piece of the Museum’s collection. It was created by the notable master ...READ MORE