That’s why she’s Hillary and I’m Frank


by Frank Kramer As one Democrat to another ( that is, as the late senator from Minnesota, Paul Wellstone, once put it–” as a member of the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party ” ), how can we possibly and rightfully rebuke — at least with a straight face — ...READ MORE

The other “Blight”


By William T. Stortz There seems to be frequent articles on the city closing and/or tearing down “blighted” houses. It appears that some progress is being made in that area. But we hear nothing about the rest of the insidious “blight” that is pervasive throughout the city. Hopefully that ...READ MORE

PERSPECTIVE l Inclusion … Every Senior’s Wish


by Peter F. Eder The body of demographic and sociographic data that is emerging on seniors needs and satisfactions is fueling and underscoring the growth of aging-in-place organizations (organizations dedicated to helping seniors remain in their homes as they age).  Today there are more than 140 ...READ MORE

Depot Square is Looking Pretty — Empty


It appears that the former mall site is looking rather pretty with flowers. Or perhaps this is simply a terrible camera angle. Here is another terrible angle of weeds. And here is another one with my dog “Rosie” angrily looking at City Hall. Apparently, she heard it might be a park, but ...READ MORE

Last MBT Concert of the Season


I am writing to inform all of you of the last concert of the season at Memorial Boulevard Theater. We are presenting the Cast of Beatlemania, an authentic Beatles tribute band that has toured the world for over thirty years. As you know, we are trying to demonstrate to the city that this is a ...READ MORE

Bristol Blues can be a home run for the city


by Bill Stortz   A little over 2-3 years ago, I suggested that the city consider the idea of what might be considered, a portable, or mobile, Kiosk. Ran the idea by a few people, and then Councilman Mills expressed some interest. The idea was to have portable/mobile unit that could be easily ...READ MORE

One Big Thank You


By Bill Stortz A big thank you to Joe Englert and the whole Englert family of City True Value for continuing the flying of the American Flag on Farmington Ave, some adjacent streets. A wonderful sight! A thank you to Doc Lantiere for the huge American Flag that flies at the Giamatti Little League ...READ MORE