Political Roundup

Jobs Roundup | 3/11/18


Welcome to Jobs Roundup, your local source for finding new job openings in Bristol. Whether you are searching for a part-time position or full-time, let The Roundup connect you with your local dream job. Employers, looking to hire a talented millennial? Send us your job postings! Shipping & ...READ MORE

Trump: Look At This Stupid Baby


Here we have President Diaper, a fussy young infant who rarely sleeps through the night uninterrupted—and is known to be quite a handful during the daytime as well!—forced to listen for an agonizing 58 seconds as the governor of Washington state explains why arming teachers is a bad idea. As ...READ MORE

Trump Talks A Good Game On Guns, But Fails to Act


President Donald Trump has been all over the place on guns, but he hasn’t yet done the one thing that helps move votes in Congress: publicly support specific legislation to address gun violence. In the days since the horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the president has suggested ...READ MORE

CT drops from 12th to 24th


Connecticut has plummeted to a ranking of 24th best state in the nation for 2018 from a perch of 12th last year, according to the latest 2018 study from U.S. News & World Report. This year, the state’s middle-of-the-pack assessment is dragged down by poor performance in economic growth, ...READ MORE

No to drilling off New England’s coast


Earlier this year, President Trump’s Secretary of the Interior announced his intention to open up almost all of the ocean waters in the United States to offshore oil and gas drilling we don’t need. This brazen attempt to sell out our ocean to the fossil fuel industry makes it clear ...READ MORE

Teachers with guns is a bad idea


You know what Donald Trump is like when he gets a policy bee in his bonnet: He will continue to argue for it with increasingly twisted logic, and the more liberals (and law enforcement, and teachers, and children) try to rationally dispel it, the more firmly he will cling. “Arming the ...READ MORE

Why I am voting for Michael Nicastro


I have never considered myself a highly political person.  I vote, but never really take much interest in the issues at stake.  But this election cycle in all arenas, has brought out a side of me that says “Enough” and is choosing to speak out. I picked up my mail this afternoon to ...READ MORE

Henri Martin & Whit Betts Cancel Student Forum


State Representative candidate Krystal Myers and State Senate candidate Mike Nicastro said in a joint press release they are expressing their deep concern over the recent canceling of a scheduled forum intended to give students the opportunity to ask local candidates questions ...READ MORE