Political Roundup

James Comey is going to war with Donald Trump


CNN — No one — probably not even Donald Trump — expected former FBI Director c’s memoir about his life and times with the President who fired him was going to be a fun read for the man who calls 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home. But if the early reports of Comey’s ...READ MORE

Betts Works to Boost CT Manufacturing


State Rep. Whit Betts recently voted in favor of two proposals that look to address and support Connecticut manufacturing. “I continue to hear from local manufacturers in Bristol about their increasing need for skilled workers in manufacturing,” said Rep. Betts, a member of the General ...READ MORE

Blumenthal Continues Focus on Gun Debate


Although Monday’s town hall discussion with Branford High School students and U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal was advertised as one that would tackle a myriad of topics, it was clear from the start that the issue of guns in would dominate. In the hour-plus discussion at Branford High School, ...READ MORE

‘America Is Without a President’


The news from the White House includes a porn star and the head of the National Enquirer and no one sees that as unusual. The porn star is Stormy Daniels, also known as Stephanie Clifford. David J. Pecker, whose last name seems entirely appropriate in this context, is the chairman of the company ...READ MORE

Esty Won’t Seek Re-Election


U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty on Monday announced she would not seek re-election this fall as a growing list of state Democrats called for her resignation over her handling of alleged abuse by her former chief of staff. Read more The race is on to find a Democrat to run and raise the funds necessary ...READ MORE

Should Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty Resign?


Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty is facing calls for her resignation after admitting to keeping her chief of staff on after he threatened another staff member.  The details of the events reported by The Washington Post and Hearst Connecticut media troubled some of Esty’s closest allies, like ...READ MORE